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Support: A Key Element to Breastfeeding Success!

Hi, my name is Brittanny C.  and about 19 months ago I gave birth to my sweet baby girl, Lily. I am now 20 week pregnant with my little boy Haddon James. I wanted to share my experience with breastfeeding and why I am looking forward to doing it again with our second child. The idea of breastfeeding was very new to me since no one in my family had breast fed before. After extensive research and receiving some encouragement from great friends I was determined that that was what I wanted to do once my little Lily got here! I was convinced that it would be the best for our family. It seemed to be best for baby, for me, and even the financial perk of not buying formula. The first several weeks of breastfeeding were hard and I really doubted that I would be able to continue on with breastfeeding. While in the hospital the lactation nurses were always there to aid me and check on me. I was so thankful! But when I got home I lost a bit of the confidence I had and started to doubt my ability to care for Lily, I thought can I really do this? Thankfully the lactation nurses were so helpful even when I was at home. I would call or even stop by for encouragement. They would check Lily's weight and her latch to make sure she was ok and progressing. Every time I thought I couldn't do it, they would remind me that I could. I also am so thankful for such a supportive husband who kept me going through the hard times. He really championed me and made me feel like I could really do it! After about four weeks Lily and I turned a corner. I started to really enjoy breastfeeding! Lily was getting better at it and becoming more efficient. I also really enjoyed that time we had together.  When Lily turned 11 months we stopped breastfeeding. It felt like such an accomplishment! I was so thankful that I had not given up and stayed with it! I really loved that special time with Lily. Several of my friends have had little ones recently and almost all of them have had less then ideal starts to breastfeeding but with encouragement they have all stuck with it and all would say that it was worth the perseverance, it gets so much easier and sweeter as time goes on!
As I prepare for baby number two. I definitely feel way more prepared. I know what to expect this time. The first time I just wanted to do everything perfectly right and when things weren't going perfectly right in the beginning I would despair and want to give up. Support from the women’s hospital, my husband and friends were so key in my success! This time I know that it may take sometime for baby and I to get the hang of things and that’s ok! I know with perseverance and a little encouragement we will both enjoy it!
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