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We're Better Together...Why Being Together in the Hospital is Beneficial

Research-based evidence shows that there are many benefits from mom and baby staying together as much as possible within the hospital after baby's birth. The Women's Hospital is working collaboratively with St. Mary's Hospital for Women and Children to actively pursue the Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation. Allowing mom and baby to room-in with each other is a step toward this designation and promotes a great start in life for baby and a smoother transition into parenthood for mom and dad. Below are the top five areas where mom and baby benefit from being together in the hospital.

Promotes Bonding

• Mothers can learn about their newborns responses and behavior.
• Parents become more confident in caring for their babies.

Promotes Feeding

• Mothers learn to recognize babies hunger cues and feed on demand.
• Mothers and babies have more opportunities for skin to skin contact.
• Babies who room in breastfeed more frequently therefore gain more weight and decrease the occurrence
of jaundice.

Healthier Babies

• Babies feed more frequently thus increasing breast milk which contains antibodies to help prevent infection.
• Babies cry less which conserves their energy.

Better Sleep

• Babies who room in with their mothers sleep deeper and longer.
• Mothers sleep better when babies room in with them.

Promotes Education

• Increases learning opportunities
• Improves communication between family and healthcare providers/hospital team members.
• Family members are better prepared for caring for baby at home.

For more information on the Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation, please visit For questions about rooming-in or for questions on breastfeeding please contact The Women's Hospital Lactation Experts at 812.842.4525.

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