TWH Lactation Blog - Perfect Whole FoodDr. Barry Phillips, Pediatrician at Deaconess Clinic shares with us why breast milk is so good. Dr. Phillips takes a whole foods approach to nutrition. We've all heard that breast milk is good for baby and in this article Dr. Phillips shares five facts on breast milk ingredients/components that better explain the benefits for baby.

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From Leann Fuelling, RN, IBCLC at The Women's Hospital:
As Women, we all have a story to tell. This blessing of motherhood bonds us to one another in many ways. Sometimes, we face challenges the first time around and it takes patience and perseverance to address those challenges with the next child. Recently, while caring for my patient, Renee, she shared with me her story and in this weeks blog post, she shares it with you.   
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Becca ScottGuest blogger and Deaconess Health System Employee Becca Scott writes on her experiences of donating milk to the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank and the benefits that donated milk provides to the tiniest babies.

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breastfeeding skin to skin careExpectant parents dream about the day that their child will enter into this world! This article discusses the first hour after birth and the importance of that time. Learn about the benefits that your baby can begin to receive during that magic hour, skin-to-skin care, and baby's first feeding. By Leann Fuelling, RN, IBCLC, The Women's Hospital

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Becca Scott is the Resource Center Coordinator at Deaconess Hospital as well as a new mother to baby Adam. Below is Becca's story on her decision to breastfeed and how the bond between mother and baby grows during this special time.  By Becca Scott

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To help create an awareness of the importance of breastfeeding for the both the infant and mother, International and national campaigns were created. Both events occur during the month of August. By Janice Hatler

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