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The Heart Rhythm Center is a program of Deaconess Hospital and The Heart Group. Our advanced services focus on the electrical and pumping problems of the heart. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to patients with arrhythmias and congestive heart failure.

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (A-Fib or AF) is a type of irregular heartbeat. It occurs when one or both of the upper chambers of the heart (called the atria) beat erratically. More than 2.3 million people in the United States have A-Fib.

A-Fib is the most common heart arrhythmia. Eight out of every 100 people over the age of 65 are diagnosed with A-Fib. Although it usually occurs in adults older than 60, younger adults can also develop A-Fib. You should know that A-Fib puts you at five times greater risk of a stroke.

Treatment options offered:
  • Medication therapy
  • Cardioversion
  • Catheter ablation
  • Surgical ablation
Goals of treatment:
  • Return the heart to a normal rhythm
  • Control the heart rate
  • Prevent blood clots and strokes
  • Treat the cause(s) of A-Fib
  • Reduce the risk factors that may lead to A-Fib getting worse

For more information, contact the Heart Rhythm Center at 812-450-7547