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Pharmacy Department Profile

What does our Pharmacy Team say about Deaconess?

BurnsTraci-(1).jpg“I enjoy working for the Deaconess pharmacy department because it allows me to continually learn and develop professionally. Shortly after graduation, Deaconess pharmacy provided me the opportunity to expand my pharmacy knowledge by working in an outpatient oncology infusion center. Additionally, the staff is supportive in the advancement of my pharmacy career.”

--Chris Hicks, PharmD
Purdue, Class of 2011

BauerMark.jpg“My career at Deaconess has expanded and evolved over the years to more than I could have imagined. Pharmacy focus and involvement in patient care provide me the unique interactions and personal fulfillment that I would not find anywhere else!”

--Traci Fritschle
St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Class of 2007

WagnerMary.jpg"Deaconess Pharmacy is proof the grass is greener on the other side.   My career at Deaconess has allowed me to balance my personal and professional life, expand and utilize my clinical knowledge, work with a variety of healthcare professionals to improve patient care, and discover areas of pharmacy that spark my interest all while working with supportive team of pharmacists in a positive environment."

--Andrea Eisterhold, PharmD
The Ohio State University, Class of 2010

StockLaura.jpg“Deaconess provides numerous opportunities for pharmacists to become involved in significant projects and make a system-wide difference.  The pharmacy department is very progressive and fosters an environment in which clinical pharmacy can flourish.” 

--Jeff Starkey, PharmD
Butler University, Class of 2010
PGY1 Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI.

DiersingStephanie.jpg “I really like working with home infusion and hospice patients because I use my clinical knowledge as well as problem solving skills. I am constantly learning new therapies & new techniques. I work as part of an interdisciplinary team with nurses & doctors which allows for better patient outcomes. I get a lot of job satisfaction from knowing I helped keep a hospice patient pain free and comfortable at end of life.”

-- Stephanie Diersing, PharmD
Purdue University, 2002
Employed at Deaconess since 2007

A Leader in Technology to Enable Pharmaceutical Care

Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Indiana provides the ideal job for pharmacists who want to practice in an environment which promotes continual career growth, interaction with physicians and other healthcare professionals, variety in daily activities, and teamwork in which all pharmacists function as clinical pharmacist.

Pharmacy Annual Report


Well-rounded Staff

Deaconess pharmacists have a range of experience: the new graduate who is successfully practicing clinically after an extensive 8 week orientation, the Board Certified specialist whose expertise is used in clinical practice and student education, the pharmacist who has worked in our department for 30 years and continues to grow clinically every year; and the pharmacy director who started as a staff pharmacist and transitioned into the director who applies her business background to push our department to continually expand the role of the pharmacist.

Respected Profession

Collaboration with the multidisciplinary team is part of the culture of Deaconess Health System. Clinical consultation services are frequently requested by the Medical Staff for medication management. Pharmacists are viewed very positively by the Medical Staff, Nursing and Administration as the primary source for drug information and administrator of medication safety.

Clinical Services

The Pharmacy Department supports a decentralized, patient-centered integrated model. Pharmacists work more than 50% of their time in a solely clinical role and the remaining time in some aspect of dispensing. At Deaconess, all Pharmacists are considered Clinical Pharmacists. Pharmacists are scheduled each day at Main Campus and Gateway to work on Nursing Units to provide clinical services without any drug distribution responsibility.
Some of the opportunities include pharmacokinetic dosing, nutrition support team, pain management, inpatient anticoagulation consult service, warfarin discharge counseling, automatic renal dosing protocols, oncology services, trauma service rounding, inservice opportunities, newsletter publication, drug expense reduction initiatives, and medication use evaluations.

Ambulatory Services

Pharmacists are also involved with diverse ambulatory services. These services include two oncology infusion clinics, four anticoagulation clinic, home care infusion services, medication assistance program, surgery services/physician clinic consulting, outpatient specialty pharmacy services, and medication therapy management clinic serving both employee wellness and outpatient referrals. Other department specialty areas include our Surgery Satellites and contracted Pharmacy Services to the Deaconess Women's Hospital.

Role in Education

Our Pharmacists are heavily involved in education. Our department offers rotations for Doctor of Pharmacy students from Purdue, Butler University, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Sullivan Universtiy, Manchester University, and many other pharmacy schools. Our affiliations allow experiences from throughout the state to impact our care. The Deaconess Family Medicine Residency program is affiliated with Indiana University School of Medicine. Butler University College of Pharmacy has faculty on site as their Regional Coordinator. Deaconess Pharmacy also offers two Post-Graduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency positions which are ASHP-accredited.

Take a look at Deaconess Pharmacy and have the opportunity to create the career that you have imagined for yourself.

Pharmaceutical Care Opportunities

  • Pharmacokinetic Dosing Service
  • Trauma and ICU Rounds
  • Nutrition Support Team
  • Inpatient Coumadin Education and Dosing
  • Outpatient Anticoagulation Clinic
  • Surgery Satellite
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Program with a focus on streamlining antibiotics and providing the most effective use of anti-infectives
  • Code Blue Participation
  • Automatic Renal Dosing
  • Automatic IV to PO Conversion
  • Medication Use Evaluation Studies
  • Medication Therapy Management Clinic

Other Opportunities

  • Rotations for Doctor of Pharmacy students from Purdue, Butler, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, and many other pharmacy schools
  • Monthly Competency Program
  • Monthly Journal Club
  • Formalized Clinical Pearls Sessions
  • Pharmacy Newsletter
  • Inservice Presentations

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