Gateway Expansion 2016-2018

$135 million project includes: 

  • Orthopedic/Neuroscience Specialty Hospital
  • Medical Office Building
  • Attached Parking Garage
  • Enhanced Energy Center

215,000 square foot, six-story tower built on the North side of Deaconess Gateway Hospital.

The new tower is designated as a specialty hospital providing a complete range of care for orthopedic and neuroscience patients. This includes interventional, medical, and surgical services as well as diagnostic imaging, therapy, research, and education.

Orthopedics and Neurosurgery are services that are currently in high demand at Deaconess Gateway.  Frequently we must turn patients away due to lack of bed availability.  The new tower will allow for additional beds and services that are needed to meet the current demand while positioning us well for the future.

Expected opening date is spring 2018

Medical Office Building 

A five-story, 100,000 square foot medical office building will be constructed on the Gateway campus adjacent to the Gateway Professional Building. Deaconess Clinic physician offices and related services such as laboratory and imaging will be located in this building. 

Attached Parking Garage

An increase in patients brings with it an increase in vehicles on our campus. To best serve our patients and their families, a multi-story parking garage will be built next to the medical office building. Connections from the garage to the medical office building, as well as, Deaconess Gateway Hospital make this an especially convenient option.

Enhanced Energy Center

Current Energy Center square footage, equipment, and utility distribution line capacities do not meet requirements to serve a new tower. Upgrades and expansions are necessary.

Site Plan for Gateway Expansion


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