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Radiology & Imaging

Deaconess Hospital offers a full service medical imaging department with a complete range of state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment.

Deaconess uses highly trained physicians and technologists along with the latest in medical technology to provide patients with top-quality diagnostic services including CT scans, nuclear medicine, general diagnostics, MRIs, ultrasounds, PET scans, and special interventional procedures.

In addition to these on-site services at Deaconess Hospital, regional sites for many radiological services are also available for your convenience. These procedures must be scheduled through your physician.

For more information about our equipment and services and about preparing for/what to expect during/after a particular procedure, we welcome you to explore the Deaconess Radiology Services site.


Contact Us

For more information about Deaconess Radiology Services
call our Radiology front desk: 812-450-3471.


A Commitment to Patient Safety

The Deaconess Department of Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology for our safe imaging practices.


Image Gently

The lowest dose for your highest priority. Imaging for children is a special skill. As medical imaging capabilities continue to improve, we remain committed to using these powerful technologies safely and reducing patients’ exposure to radiation, especially for children. We know that not all children and adults should be x-rayed the same, We at Deaconess Radiology have signed the national pledge to Image Gently.

The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging – the Image Gently Alliance®, is a coalition of health care organizations dedicated to providing safe, high quality pediatric imaging nationwide. The primary objective is to raise awareness in the imaging community of the need to adjust radiation dose when imaging children.

What is the commitment to Image Gently®? Recognizing that every member of the healthcare team plays a vital role in caring for the patient and wants to provide the best care. Learn more about Image Gently.

We pledge to:
  • Make the image gently message a priority in staff communications
  • Review the protocol recommendations and, where necessary, implement adjustments to our processes
  • Respect and listen to suggestions from every member of the imaging team on ways to ensure changes are made
  • Communicate openly with parents