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Deaconess Diabetes Center

Diabetes can control your life, or you can control your diabetes.

The choice is yours. You can learn how to control your diabetes and lower your risk for long-term complications and we can help.

Our caring, experienced staff of dietitians, diabetes educators and registered nurses will help you learn to control your diabetes by eating healthy, exercising and taking your medicines the right way. We provide this education and support through our Outpatient Services and, if you ever need to be in the hospital, through our Inpatient Services. Call 812/426-9894 to schedule classes, ask questions about your diabetes care, or get more information about our program and services. We also provide Medical Nutrition Therapy for obesity, gastro-intestinal disorders (such as Celiac disease), and renal disease (kidney disease). 

Diabetes Professionals

Educators at the Deaconess Diabetes Center are truly diabetes experts. Each has advanced training as either a registered dietitian (RD) or registered nurse (RN). Additionally, each is either already a certified diabetes educator (CDE) or is working toward receiving this specialized certification. Our team of diabetes experts stays current on the latest evidence-based treatment of diabetes.

Our Location

You don't have to go far for compassionate health care services. We are conveniently located Downtown at 421 Chestnut St., Evansville, IN and at the Gateway Professional Building on the Gateway Hospital campus in Newburgh, IN. For more information, contact us at 812/426-9894.