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Deaconess Hospital Facility

A Heart Hospital Within a Hospital

Deaconess Heart Services offers the efficiencies of a heart hospital within the walls of a full-service hospital. Similar to a stand-alone cardiac care facility, we have placed most heart services on one floor. This unique physical structure facilitates patient flow from one cardiovascular service to another.

When critical minutes matter, the heart services you need will be close by. If you arrive through the Chest Pain ER, an adjacent elevator can provide quick transport to cardiovascular care areas. If you are in the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care and need to return for emergency surgery, an operating room is only steps away. If you come to us for non-emergent procedures, you will quickly and easily find your way from one service to the next.

No matter what your cardiovascular needs, our facility is designed to accommodate you. Indeed, you can think of us as a “heart hospital within a hospital,” giving you all the advantages of a comprehensive cardiac care facility close to home.