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Deaconess Clinic Locations Throughout the Tri-State!

To provide convenient care to you and your family, there are many Deaconess Clinic locations in Indiana and Kentucky from which to choose. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in areas close to home, school and work so you can see a doctor when and where it’s convenient for you. 

Hours of operation vary by location. To find out the specific hours of a clinic near you, please call.

Evansville - Downtown Area

Deaconess Clinic-Downtown
421 Chestnut St.
Evansville, Indiana 47713

Deaconess Clinic-Mary Street
520 Mary St., Suite 340
Evansville, Indiana 47710

Evansville - West

Deaconess Clinic-West
545 S. Boehne Camp Rd.
Evansville, Indiana 47712

Evansville - North

Deaconess Clinic Mt. Pleasant
8600 N. Kentucky Ave. 
Evansville, IN 47725

Gibson County

Deaconess Clinic-Ft. Branch
802 E. Oak St.
Ft. Branch, Indiana 47648

Deaconess Clinic-Princeton
685 Vail St.
Princeton, Indiana 47670
812/386-6650 (Family Medicine)
812/386-6560 (Internal Medicine)

Deaconess Clinic-Oakland City
1204 Williams Street
Oakland City, Indiana 47660

Pike County

Deaconess Clinic-Petersburg
106 W. Pike Ave
Petersburg, Indiana 47567

Posey County

Deaconess Clinic-Mt. Vernon
813 E. Fourth Street, Suite A
Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620

Spencer County

Deaconess Clinic-Reo
3434 W. State Rd. 66
Rockport, Indiana 47635


Chancellor Center for Oncology
4055 Gateway Blvd
Newburgh, Indiana 47630

Deaconess Clinic-Gateway Professional Building
4015 Gateway Blvd., Suite 3000
Newburgh, Indiana 47630
812/858-9400   3rd Floor
812/858-6244   4th Floor

Deaconess Clinic-Gateway Health Center
4233 Gateway Blvd.
Newburgh, Indiana 47630
812/853-7391 (Family Medicine)
812/426-9510 (Pediatrics)

Deaconess Clinic-Gateway Pediatrics
4111 Gateway Blvd.
Newburgh, Indiana 47630

Deaconess Clinic-Gateway Physician Center
4133 Gateway Blvd, Suite 250
Newburgh, Indiana 47630

Warrick County

Deaconess Clinic-Boonville
3355 Liberty Blvd.
Boonville, Indiana 47601


Deaconess Clinic Henderson - Elm
1413 N. Elm St.
Henderson, Kentucky 42420

Deaconess Clinic Henderson - Starlite
340 Starlite Drive
Henderson, Kentucky 42420

Deaconess Clinic Henderson Pediatrics
1035 N. Elm Street
Henderson KY 42420

Deaconess Clinic-Morganfield
1700 US Hwy 60 West
Morganfield, Kentucky 42437