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The Women's Hospital Receives Breastfeeding Awards from Indiana Perinatal Network


The Women’s Hospital recently received two breastfeeding awards from the Indiana The Women's Hospital EvansvillePerinatal Network. Dr. Kenneth Herrmann, Medical Director for Newborn Services at The Women’s Hospital received Physician of the Year for his influence regarding the value of human milk in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Janice Hatler, RN, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) received the MVP award for her involvement in the Tri-State area with a number of breastfeeding initiatives and accomplishments.

As a neonatologist, Dr. Herrmann has been a pioneer in encouraging the use of breast milk in the NICU and as for supplementation needs for healthy newborns in the hospital. Dr. Herrmann strongly encourages all mothers of infants admitted to the NICU to breastfeed.

“Dr. Herrmann has done so much to raise the understanding and appreciation of the importance of human milk in achieving the desired health outcomes not only with our babies born too soon, but for all infants,” said Tina Cardarelli, IBCLC State Breastfeeding Coordinator. “It is an honor for me to work in the same state with such a dedicated and respected physician and advocate.”

Janice Hatler is a lactation consultant and responsible for community outreach in the Tri-State area. Janice developed a blueprint for employers to support their lactating employees; compiled a list of ”breastfeeding-friendly” restaurants and provided employee education; set-up lactation areas in local colleges, many schools, government offices and worksites; and provided “We Care for Breastfed Babies” training in local childcares.

“Janice has been an eager student of building a supportive community for breastfeeding from the ground up,” said Tina Cardarelli. “We are privileged to have her as an advisor as we work in our own communities. It is clear that she has a gift for this type of work and has been a trailblazer in the breastfeeding community. Her persistence, encouragement, dedication and enthusiasm are simply unmatched.”   

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