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Deaconess Receives State Grant


Lt. Governor Becky Skillman recently presented the award to Mark Merrill, facility engineer at Deaconess Hospital, at a ceremony in the Indiana statehouse. Deaconess will use the funds to install an integrated, centralized air quality monitoring and control system.

“This project will help Deaconess Hospital significantly reduce energy use, control indoor air quality and provide comfortable surroundings for patients and staff,” said Linda White, president and CEO of Deaconess Health System.

The installation of an integrated system will combine three existing systems. A single automated system will allow for the efficient monitoring and control of HVAC, reduce energy consumption, and provide immediate notification to HVAC staff when issues arise. A properly functioning comfort system can also save money by reducing utility costs, maintenance costs, and mitigating risks.

“Rarely does such a fundamental concept offer so much return on investment,” said Merrill. “Being properly equipped is essential to overall productivity; comfortable surroundings permit our staff to do their best work.”