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Deaconess Clinic Orthotic Lab Receives Accreditation

The Deaconess Clinic Orthotic Lab has received accreditation from the Board for Accreditation of Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories (BAPFOL). This designation identifies the Orthotic Lab as one of only 33 orthotic laboratories in the world to meet a series of technical and quality assurance requirements.

Achieving BAPFOL accreditation was a top priority for the staff of Deaconess Clinic Orthotic Lab because it serves as confirmation that Deaconess podiatric patients receive the highest level of care. BAPFOL accredited laboratories must show expertise in filling standard foot orthotic prescriptions as well as expertise in patient safety through development of a quality assurance plan.

BAPFOL provides accreditation services for the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association (PFOLA). Founded in 1990, PFOLA is dedicated to promoting and improving the efficacy of custom, prescription foot orthoses.