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Deaconess Comp Center

The Deaconess COMP Center is a free standing facility dedicated to the occupational health needs of area businesses and employers.

Physicians experienced in work related injuries and illnesses provide the most effective and efficient care to ensure that employees can return to productive activity. A complete therapy and work hardening department complements the physician services.

The COMP Center provides injury care, rehabilitation, X-ray capabilities, pre-employment testing, and laboratory services in one convenient location. On-site services such as ergonomic assessments, drug screening, and medical surveillance are also available.

COMP Center Benefits

  • Convenient points of access for medical services
  • Quick access to understandable and essential information
  • One stop shopping for all workers' compensation needs
  • Option of wrapping all health care needs into one plan - DHP

Dedicated, cost effective services designed to:

  • lower medical costs
  • lower workers' compensation premiums through reduced experience modifier
  • reduce incident rate through preventive services
  • return employees to work safely/quickly
  • communicate information for effective management

For more information, contact the COMP Center.