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Department and Position Profiles

Want to learn more about a department or a specific position? The Department and
Position Profiles provide valuable insight into some of the areas that may interest you.

More than a job description, the Position Profile allows you to see what technology and equipment is available, an overview of staffing and customers you may serve, as well as future plans and developments for the department.

Thanks for coming to and good luck with your job search. We look forward to receiving your application.

Shift Definitions

  •   Part-time (PT)

               Anyone who works less than 60 authorized hours per two-week pay period. 

  •   Full-time (FT)

               Anyone who works 60 or more authorized hours per two-week pay period 

  •  Supplemental (DSS)

             “As needed” basis. Deaconess Supplemental Staffing (DSS) positions allow individuals to fill in 
              for peak times   or cover for vacations or other absences. Employees hired as supplemental submit their  
              availability to work, and schedules are developed based on department needs. There are
              no guaranteed hours  of Supplemental, but once scheduled, there is an obligation
              to work the schedule. Each  department has separate  guidelines on minimum work obligations
              and schedules.  Supplemental  is an excellent way to start out and then transfer to a regular part-time
              or full-time position.

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