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Deaconess Wound Services

Being healthy and active are two of life’s great pleasures. For people who have wounds that won’t heal, sometimes life can lose its enjoyment because of pain, fear and not being able to get around. Every year, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions affect 3 to 5 million Americans. The impact is significant, accounting for thousands of lower-extremity amputations every year. Wounds that won’t heal are costly in dollars and in terms of human suffering.

There is good news! Effective treatments can help heal wounds, and that’s what Deaconess Wound Services is all about. Our team of wound care specialists: doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other medical professionals help wounds heal so that you can feel better and get back to enjoying life.


We Work with Your Doctor

There are many medical conditions, even ones that you may not be aware of, that cause non-healing wounds. Following our team evaluation, we work with your doctor to develop a wound treatment plan that may begin with your first appointment. Our wound care specialists have experience with some of the most advanced treatments available.

A specialized team evaluates and treats the wound, establishes measures to prevent its recurrence, and informs the primary care physician of the patient’s progress. Some of the benefits of this approach include fewer limb amputations due to severe wounds, earlier recovery, less hospitalization and prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability.

Contact us

Patients may choose to contact Deaconess Wound Services directly or be referred by their personal physician. Click for a photo tour of our facility.

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