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Senior Women

Senior women have similar health care needs as they did at a younger age, but now they also have special new ones.


Special Needs

Senior women have many of the same health care needs as younger women, but they also have special needs of their own. As the body ages, the risk of developing certain diseases or conditions increases, so screening services are essential to good health. The Women's Hospital has cancer screenings and other screenings available to help catch problems early and increase the chances of successful treatment. We also offer many different wellness and educational programs geared toward the needs of senior women.

Special Care

  • Osteoporosis services
  • Cardiac wellness
  • Outpatient diagnostic services
  • Urodynamics
  • Yoga and other wellness services
  • General surgical services
  • Cancer and other screenings
  • Health insurance assistance

Future Needs

The Women's Hospital is the first step in a lifetime of compassionate, quality health care services for infants and women of the Tri-State. Special efforts with the Women's Advisory Council will help us stay abreast of community needs and bring you the latest in future treatments and technologies. From infants and adolescents to those in their golden years, The Women's Hospital is truly the place for all of your life.

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