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Mid-Life Women

Mid-Life Women's Health Care Needs Change As They Reach The End of Their Childbearing Years.

We can help prepare for happy retirement years.

Mid-Life Woman


Special Needs

As women reach the end of their childbearing years, they face new changes. Some are superficial, such as changes in hair color or skin, but others are more profound, including menopause and osteoporosis. Without proper health care services, any of these changes has the capacity to adversely affect the physical and emotional health of mid-life women; that's why The Women's Hospital has included a long list of health care services just for your needs.

Special Care

  •  Menopause services
  •  Cardiac wellness
  •  Plastic/reconstructive surgery
  •  Outpatient diagnostic services
  •  Osteoporosis prevention
  •  Urodynamics
  •  General surgery

Future Needs

The Women's Hospital is the first step in a lifetime of compassionate, quality health care services for infants and women of the Tri-State. Special efforts with the Women's Advisory Council will help us stay abreast of community needs and bring you the latest in future treatments and technologies. From infants and adolescents to those in their golden years, The Women's Hospital is truly the place for all of your life.

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