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Schedule a Physician Appointment

First thing first, let's get you in with your physician. Visit the Deaconess Find a Doc database to search for physician info. Don't have a primary physician? We'll help you find one.

Learn About Building a Healthy Baby

Be prepared for your baby’s arrival with our Building a Healthy Baby program.

The Women’s Hospital offers a variety of classes including From Pregnant to Parent,  Breastfeeding and Beyond, Pediatric CPR, Big Brother/Big Sister, Multiples Mania, Buckle Up: Infant Car Seat Safety, Prenatal Yoga, & Infant Massage.

Our recommendation is to complete childbirth classes by eighth month of pregnancy. Register via one of the methods below:

Baby Friendly

The Women's Hospital is a Baby-Friendly Hospital. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is an international program which recognizes hospitals that have reached the optimal level of care in infant feeding and mother/baby bonding. For detailed information on what The Women's Hospital is doing to reach this designation, click the link below.


Call 812/842-4170 between 21- 24 weeks to schedule.

We are dedicated to making your baby's birth a positive experience from the moment you come to The Women's Hospital. The first step in achieving this goal is to ensure a fast, smooth admission process. To serve you better, we begin the pre-admission process anytime between 21-24 weeks - long before you notice the first signs of labor.

Our OB Pre-Admission Nurse will prepare you for your stay at The Women's Hospital. Through advanced training, our pre-admission nurse has earned certification in inpatient obstetrical care and is prepared to assist you during this life transition.

You may contact her at 812/842-4170 any time after 24 weeks of pregnancy to schedule your pre-admission appointment.

During this appointment, Our OB Pre-Admission Nurse will:
  • Verify that your admission papers are complete.
  • Collect insurance information.
  • Answer your questions about labor, delivery and newborn care.
  • Begin your hospital chart and present consent forms for your hospital stay.
There is no fee for the appointment, and you may choose to complete pre-admission activities in person or by phone. Please have your insurance cards available at the time of your appointment.

Patient Registration Form

Complete the online patient registration form in order to ensure we have your contact and insurance information up-to-date.

Car Seat Fitting

Car seat checks are offered at no cost and take place BY APPOINTMENT ONLY every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Ohio Township Fire Department located at 4333 Epworth Rd., Newburgh, IN. 

Participants may have their car seat checked for proper installation and receive instructions on proper fitting.  It will be helpful if the participant is able to take part in the installation demonstration.  Crawling in the back seat may be required. Please remember car seats older than 6 years should not be used, nor should car seats from garage sales or second hand shops. 
Appointments are encouraged prior to discharge.

To make an appointment call 812/842-4655

Choose a Physician for Your Baby

A good pediatrician is more than a person to call when your baby has a fever. It is someone who will chart your child’s development, address your concerns and answer questions about your child’s health. Recommendation: have one
selected before your third trimester. 


Lactation Services

From pregnancy to birth and breastfeeding, the professional staff at The Women’s Hospital Lactation Services are here to help. Our goal is to provide education, guidance and support to breastfeeding mothers.

We know that breastfeeding benefits everyone including babies, moms and the community. Have your questions answered by our breastfeeding experts or visit Great Beginnings for breastfeeding products.

Now that Baby is Here

After your delivery and your baby has arrived, remember to add baby to your insurance. It is best if this is done quickly as most insurance companies only allow thirty days after birth to add coverage for baby.