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A National Movement for Women's Wellness Brought to you by The Women's Hospital

Spirit of Women is a national network of leading hospitals dedicated to improving women's lives with innovative health and community programs. Spirit of Women Hospitals touch the lives of millions of women each year through the presentation of educational events, consumer membership programs, annual conferences, marketing communications and grass roots efforts to improve the health and well-being of women everywhere. The initiative enables participating hospitals to focus on community needs while providing the strength of national support.

The Women's Hospital joined the Spirit of Women Hospital Network in 2005. Since then, the hospital has been delivering innovative educational programs to women in the Evansville area. In 2009, The Women's Hospital was designated a Spirit of Women Premier Hospital for achieving a total score of 96% on the Spirit National Standards for Excellence.

Women are the primary decision makers when it comes to their families' health. Because of this, The Women's Hospital recognizes the importance of targeting education programs on key health topics to women. Signature programs implemented by The Women's Hospital include but are not limited to Day of Dance, Women's Weekend Away, Babypalooza, Wise Women, and The Spirit Membership Program.

In addition to reaching out through community programs, The Women's Hospital makes the Spirit of Women magazine available to subscribers of Evansville Living as well as those who attend health fairs where The Women's Hospital is present.

For questions regarding our Spirit of Women Programs, call 812-842-4652 or 812-842-4571 or complete the form below.

About the Spirit Membership Program

We invite you to enjoy the full benefits of the Spirit of Women program by becoming a member of our Spirit Membership Program. This free lifetime membership entitles you to special discounts from local businesses, invitations to educational programs, notices of upcoming events, and a one-year subscription to Evansville Living magazine, which contains a special Spirit of Women publication. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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