For Siblings

For Big Brothers or Big Sisters

The Women's Hospital offers a Big Brother/ Big Sister Class to help older siblings learn what to expect.

This construction-themed class helps children ages 3-10 prepare for their new role!  Topics include hand-washing, gentle touch, loud vs. quiet voice, and hands on activities including diapering, swaddling, and burping.  A video, tour of the hospital and many fun, take-home items are included.  Bring a camera!

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It is recommended you finish this class by week 32 of pregnancy.  This will allow you time to reinforce information before your baby arrives.

Recommended Reading List

Preschool - School Age
  • How You Were Born by Joanna Cole
  • I'm a Big Brother by Joanna Cole
  • I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole
  • The New Baby at Your House by Joanna Cole
  • Hello Baby! by Lizzy Rockwell
  • Baby on the Way by William and Martha Sears
  • What Baby Needs by William and Martha Sears
  • What's Inside Your Tummy, Mommy? by Abby Cocovini
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