Spirit Girls

The Women’s Hospital is proud to offer pre-teen and teenage events to the girls in Evansville and surrounding communities.  Through the Spirit Girls program, we provide wellness education and encourage open conversations with young women.  These women are our daughters, granddaughters, god-daughters, nieces, etc.  They are the lives that mold and shape as individuals, and we do that through teaching, guiding and setting examples.

Our Spirit Girls programs raise awareness by bringing up tough conversations and discussions on real topics to young girls and their moms, dads, guardians and other adult role models.  These conversations about body changes, sexual feelings, depression, etc. are not easy to have or to bring up with your pre-teen or teenage child.

We are raising this awareness through collaboration with health experts, community organizations and influencers and through the literature materials we are providing.  Our programs often involve an educational topic as mentioned above, while incorporating a fun and engaging activity for the girls.

Our most popular teen programming event is called Girl Talk. During this event, the girls and their mothers are separated.  Each group discusses changes they will be experiencing in the coming years and ways to handle them.  Our goal is to make these girls and their parents feel as comfortable as possible during this often scary time in their lives.

Please take a look at the links to our current events below and continue to watch this page for information about upcoming events.

Register NOW for our upcoming event Below the Belt: Pre-teen Edition!

We encourage you to call 812-842-4586 with any questions or suggestions that you may have for our Spirit Girls program.