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Neonatal Transport Services

The Women’s Hospital's highly-skilled Neonatal Transport Team specializes in the safe and swift transport of premature and sick newborns in need of critical care that can only be offered by a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Your newborn is transferred in our on-site ambulance, equipped with the most advanced technology. The transport ambulance is set up to serve as an extension of the high-standard and quality of care that we provide in our NICU.
The Neonatal Transport Team consists of specially trained neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists with expertise in airway management and stabilization of critically-ill babies. Our neonatologist guides this care by constant contact with the transport team throughout the transport. Each member of the Neonatal Transport Team is certified in NRP, STABLE, and Cardiac STABLE to maintain our expertise in providing complex care to newborns. To meet the special needs of your baby, our transport team is available 24/7 during or after delivery.
Once your baby has arrived at The Women’s Hospital Level III NICU, the family will be updated on the infant’s condition, stability and plan of care. The designation of a Level III NICU means that we have met the rigorous standards set by the state of Indiana with regard to the care we provide for the tiniest and most fragile infants. This designation of a Level III NICU at The Women’s Hospital allows us to meet our ultimate goal of reuniting a healthy baby to their family and community.

To arrange for a Neonatal Transport call 812-598-NICU (6428). 

Our Neonatal Transport Coordinator is ready to assist you. 

Beth Durham
Neonatal Transport Coordinator
Office: 812-842-4272

Neonatal Transport Consent Forms