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Maternal Transport Services

The Women’s Hospital's highly-skilled Maternal Transport Team specializes in rapidly mobilizing to provide medical intervention to expectant mothers with obstetric emergencies. Our on-site ambulance is ready for travel to bring a multidisciplinary team consisting of a trained paramedic, a high-risk obstetrical nurse, and a respiratory therapist to you. We make transferring high-risk obstetrical patients easy for referring hospitals. We want to be a part of your team and assist outlying hospitals in providing the highest quality care to the area's patients. 
Our Maternal Transport Team is specifically assigned to transports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This committed team works in concert with our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists also available through a dedicated phone number at all times. Each member of the Maternal Transport Team is certified in NRP, STABLE, and ACLS to maintain our expertise in providing complex care to high-risk mothers. Our on-site ambulance is equipped with the most advanced technology in order to mimic that of a high-risk obstetrical environment to closely monitor both mom and baby during the transport.
Once our team has arrived at The Women’s Hospital, the patient is admitted to the Obstetrical Emergency Department for continued care. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician and Transport Coordinator provide follow-up with regard to the status of the transported patient(s) to the referring hospital. While some patients require only a short stay in the hospital, your loved one could be a patient of The Women’s Hospital Antepartum Unit dedicated to the care of high-risk maternity patients.
The Women's Hospital is proud to be a regional leader in Women's Health. 

To arrange for a Maternal Transport call 812-629-6788.

Our Maternal Transport Coordinator is ready to assist you. 

Jessica Bernhardt, RN
Maternal Transport Coordinator
Contact: 812-455-5794