Day of Surgery

Please arrive two hours before your scheduled surgery time. Park in the main parking lot and enter The Women's Hospital through the surgery entrance. Proceed to the registration area to the left side of the lobby. You will be escorted to the pre-op area after registering.

You will be asked to put on a hospital gown, sign consent forms and have your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.) checked while in the pre-op area. The nurse may also start you on intravenous (IV) fluids at this time.
Your anesthesiologist will meet you and discuss your plan of care.

Your family or other accompanying persons will be directed to the surgical waiting area when it is time for your procedure. We ask that at least one family member please remain in this area while you are in the operating room.

In the Operating Room
About 10 minutes before your scheduled surgery time, you will be escorted to a surgical suite. The nurse will keep you as comfortable as possible and attach special sensors that will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs throughout your surgery.

In the Recovery Room
Immediately after surgery you will be transferred to the recovery room. Our staff will continue to closely monitor your vital signs, and you may be given oxygen to facilitate your recovery from anesthesia. You will be covered with warm blankets for your comfort. If at any time you feel sick to your stomach or experience any pain, please tell a member of our staff.

The average recovery room stay is one hour. Family members are not permitted in the recovery room during this time frame.

After your stay in the recovery room, if you are to be admitted to the hospital, you will be transported to your room, and your family or other accompanying persons will be notified. If you are to be discharged after surgery, you will be released from the recovery room after you have met certain criteria for discharge such as:

  • Able to tolerate liquids by mouth
  • Able to walk
  • A tolerable comfort level

You will then receive written discharge instructions, including prescriptions and follow-up appointment information, which will be reviewed with you and your family or other accompanying persons.

After your surgery, a member of our staff will contact you by phone to check your progress. If you have any concerns prior to our call, please contact us at 812/842-4310. If you need urgent care, please notify your surgeon and/or report to The Women's Hospital's Obstetrical/Gynecologic Emergency Department.

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