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Spiritual Services

Bereavement Services

If you have experienced a loss through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn/neonatal death, we would like to help. The Women's Hospital offers RTS Bereavement Services for grieving parents.

By calling 812/842-4574, you will be able to contact a support person who understands your situation and the importance of your pregnancy.

You may be experiencing many different and difficult feelings. We may be able to help you sort them out and help you understand that your feelings are a natural part of your grief. It's difficult to say "death" when you've scarcely had time to say "birth." Babies are meant to be loved and you already know that death is not the end of loving. Grief support is free of charge to parents for telephone consult.

Contact Darlene Fischer, RN

Pastoral Services

The pastoral care staff of The Women's Hospital is committed to caring for the spiritual needs of all our patients, their families and The Women's Hospital staff. Your dignity and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. You can be assured that your individual values and beliefs will be respected.

The Role of the Chaplain

Without imposing personal beliefs or practices, our chaplains will attend to your spiritual needs, whether or not you are associated with a specific tradition or denomination. Chaplains are caring listeners who have been trained to help with the special needs of hospital patients and those of patients' family members. We work with the health care team so that both your spiritual and medical needs can be met. You can request a visit with the chaplain, Janice Coffing, MDiv, BCC, by calling 812/842-4218 or by asking your nurse.


Our peaceful Chapel provides a quiet place for patients, visitors and employees and is open any time during the day or night. Soft music and reading materials are available. A prayer request book is just outside the chapel door. The Chapel is located in the common area just off of the main lobby.

Other Services Provided by the Pastoral Care Department

  • Old and New Testament Bibles, as well as reading materials for multi-faiths are available upon request
  • Prayer cards are located in each patient room
  • Contact with the patient's home church, synagogue or temple is possible upon request.

John K. Berry, M.D. Garden of Peace

Dr. John Berry was a very special person to all who knew him. As a physician, his profession brought him into so many people's lives, and his kindness will stay with his patients, friends and family forever. Dr. Berry also had a special touch with families who had lost a child. The comfort, support and compassion he provided for them went far beyond what they expected.

Dr. Berry passed away in December 2005. His wife, Kathy, wanted to create a lasting tribute to the man who was so important to so many. The Women's Hospital is proud to honor this dedicated physician and wonderful man with the Garden of Peace. It is a touching reminder of Dr. Berry for his friends and family, and it offers a quiet place of spiritual buoyancy for Women's Hospital patients for years to come. The John K. Berry, M.D. Garden of Peace is located south of The Women's Hospital Main Entrance.

Often times, family members may choose to purchase a customized brick for the John K. Berry, M.D. Garden of Peace and they may do so through the Deaconess Foundation. Go here for more information or to purchase a brick.

Hand in Hand: Perinatal Palliative Care

No one can walk in another's shoes. We can, though, walk Hand in Hand through difficult times. Hand in Hand is a program at The Women's Hospital that was developed to expand choices for those families whose unborn babies have been diagnosed with life-limiting conditions.

Hand in Hand strives to celebrate these babies' lives in every way possible while they are with us and also to honor their precious memories. Our team will support parents and families though their journey and offer recovery through sharing.

The Women's Hospital offers clinical support to make the babies comfortable, as well as spiritual and cultural support for the families. Each family receives a memory box with photographs, hand and foot prints and other mementos of their baby's life.

For more information about the Hand in Hand Perinatal Hospice Program, click here.


Safe Sitter Essentials with CPR
A class to prepare kids in grades 6-8 to be safe in unsupervised settings whether home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.
Safe Sitter Essentials with CPR
A class to prepare kids in grades 6-8 to be safe in unsupervised settings whether home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.