Family-Centered Health Care for the 21st Century

The Women's Hospital understands that the birth of every baby brings the birth of a new family. All family members form a new relationship with each other and the baby. Our Family-Centered Concept of Care recognizes the importance of supporting these new relationships and helping each member of the family unit adjust to the exciting change.

LDRP Concept

Because of our focus on family and patient comfort, we are dedicated to the LDRP concept of care, meaning that the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum stages of childbirth occur in the same room. The mother and the individuals supporting her stay in the same homelike, private room throughout the hospital stay.

As delivery time approaches, the room is quickly transformed into a delivery room with all of the necessary lighting and equipment. Support services, including an operating room for Cesarean deliveries, are close by if needed. We also encourage the father or other support person to be actively involved in labor and delivery as allowed by the condition of the mother and baby.

Rooming In

Because of the important role family plays in a child's life, we encourage families to begin nurturing their relationship with the newborn immediately. There is no need to wait for the mother and her belongings to be transferred to another room. Furthermore, we promote the concept of rooming-in, meaning that newborns stay with the family unit in the mother's room during the hospital stay.

Rooming-in allows the mother and other caregivers to adjust to the newborn in a supportive setting. Caregivers learn about the individual behaviors and needs of their unique baby before they are fully responsible for the infant's care. To support this goal, our nursing staff can coach caregivers as they learn their new roles, giving them confidence in newborn care and feeding before they leave the hospital.

Of course, the birthing experience is physically and emotionally draining, so we provide a Baby Lounge for newborn observation when mother needs to rest.