Going Home

Like most parents, you are probably anxious to take your baby home. But before discharging your infant, we want to ensure that both baby and parents are prepared.

Baby Preparation

Before going home, it is important that your baby is:

  • Breathing on his or her own (although some babies go home on oxygen)
  • Maintaining proper body temperature in an open crib
  • Feeding from either a bottle or the breast
  • Gaining weight steadily

Parent Preparation

As important, you must be prepared to care for your baby. You should:

  • Feel comfortable handling and feeding your baby
  • Be able to bathe your baby
  • Know how to prepare your baby's formula
  • Be able to take your baby's temperature
  • Know how and when to give any medication your baby may need
  • Know how to use a bulb syringe
  • Have a car seat available to transport your baby home
  • Be educated in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

Parent Apartment

Before your baby is discharged, you may be asked to spend a night in the Parent Apartment. By "rooming in" you can spend a night caring for your baby with the comfort of knowing your baby's nurse is available to answer questions or concerns.

Safe Sitter Essentials with CPR
A class to prepare young teens to be safe in unsupervised settings whether home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.