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Have You Thought About How to Feed Your Baby?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now, have you thought about how and what you want to feed your baby?

From the time you discover you are pregnant you begin to “mother”. Feeding your baby is part of the nurturing process and a whole new responsibility. Many factors can influence your decision. Up to date information can help you make the best decision for you and your baby. There are many benefits of breastfeeding and they can last a lifetime.

The top ten reasons are:
  1. Increases immunity against diseases
  2. Protection against obesity
  3. Enhances brain development
  4. Decreased chance of diabetes for baby
  5. Gentle on baby’s digestive system
  6. Less allergies for baby
  7. Helps mom loose “baby” weight
  8. Decreases chance of cancers in both mom and baby
  9. Always “ready to feed”
  10. It’s FREE!
And while most of us know the many benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk, society doesn’t realize there are “risks” to formula feeding.

Evidence based research shows:
  1. Increased risks of obesity, diabetes and cancers
  2.  Experience more colic symptoms
  3. More problems with constipation
  4. Have increased illnesses and allergies
  5. 2 times more likely to die from SIDS
All parents deserve a right to know the facts. During pregnancy is the best time to get the information you can to help you decide what’s best for your new family.

You can discuss this with your healthcare provider or call The Women’s Hospital Lactation department for any questions at 812-842-4239.

- Leann Fuelling RN, IBCLC
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