Meet Melanie - a young mother of this beautiful, active and healthy 8-month old baby girl! In this week's blog post, Melanie shares her breastfeeding journey and reminds moms whether they work or not to not get discouraged and continue to strive for your breastfeeding goals! She also reminds us to seek out help when we need it.

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Meet Rachael and Madelyn. Rachael shares her story of becoming a mother at a young age and her decision to breastfeed her baby.

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This is our first post for 2014 on The Women's Hospital's Breastfeeding Connection. Many readers have been anxiously awaiting part two of Haley's story. It is below and it was well worth the wait. Haley is sharing this beautiful story of her family's journey of loss and new life and how she was able to help other little lives by donating breast milk. This young mother is a true inspiration!

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