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Donating Breast Milk, Saving Lives

Many of the moms we speak with daily know the importance of breast milk. They know, because they have done the research and put in the work to make exclusive breastfeeding or pumping a reality for their own baby. They also know that they don’t want their hard work to go to waste if it can benefit another baby.
These moms are solely responsible for stocking our freezers at Indiana Mother's Milk Bank.

There are many reasons why breast milk is best for all babies but there are some very specific reasons why breast milk is best for the preemies cared for at The Women’s Hospital. As Dr. Kenneth Herrmann, Neonatologist at The Women’s Hospital says, one of the most important reasons to feed a preemie an all breast milk diet is “less emesis, less diaper rash and most important, less necrotizing enterocolitis. Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious and sometimes fatal intestinal complication of very low birth weight infants. The frequency of NEC ranges from 4 to 18% and depends on an individual NICU’s feeding practices. Since changing to an exclusively human milk diet, the rate of feeding associated NEC in our NICU has declined to 1%.” Less incident of necrotizing enterocolitis means a preemie is more likely to live and the cost of care is likely lower as well.

The extra breast milk that is donated, by fully screened and approved donors, to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank is pasteurized and tested for sterility before it is dispensed to hospitals for use in their neonatal intensive care units.
The need for Donor Milk is on the rise as hospitals and outpatients are learning of the benefits it can provide. That means that IMMB is always in need of more milk donors. To become an IMMB Donor, you need to have given birth within the last 24 months, be in good general health with limited medication use and free of tobacco or nicotine products. All donors are asked to fill out a medical and lifestyle screening and submit to blood testing at IMMB expense.
If you or someone you know is interested in helping us save the lives of premature and ill infants, please log onto our website to become an IMMB Donor. We and the parents of the babies who receive our milk THANK YOU!
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