This post is about our journey of supporting new moms and families and efforts we have taken to support breastfeeding moms. The article leads up to the latest accomplishment in that journey...being designated as a Baby Friendly Hospital!

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sleeping babyThis blog post is courtesy of Laura Lukens, M.Ed. Laura is an Infant Toddler Specialist for 4C of Southern Indiana. It is not easy for any mom to return to work after maternity leave. A breastfeeding mom also wants to make sure that the childcare is familiar with proper handling of breast milk and is comfortable with mom coming in to breastfeed baby when possible. Laura gives some tips to new moms in this piece and also discusses a training that is offered to area childcare providers. 

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It has been a while since our last post. The end of September marked the observance of World Milksharing Week. Just to be clear, this promotes donor breast milk and safe donation through an official Milk Bank in order to provide babies with the most important nutrition. This article was written by a passionate breastfeeding Mother and guest blogger, Abby. Thanks, Abby for sharing your passion and information with our readers. 

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It is often times difficult to know what type of nursing bra to shop for during pregnancy. This week's post gives recommendations on when to purchase nursing bras, how many to consider having, and how to determine your correct bra size. Many women are surprised to find out what their size should be versus the bra size they thought they were. Blog post written by Janice Hatler, RN, IBCLC, The Women's Hospital.

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FlowerLaRissa Madison is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at The Women's Hospital. LaRissa is a mother of four and she created a local breastfeeding support group in Evansville called Wildflowers. In this blog post, LaRissa talks about the Wildflowers Support group and one mother's amazing breastfeeding journey within this support group.

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