Insurance Information

We know that you expect to pay for the services rendered by our professional staff. However, we believe it is important that you understand our financial arrangements before you become a patient. If you have questions about the billing process, please call 812/842-4260.

Commercial Insurance

We will bill your insurance company on your behalf if we have accepted insurance assignment.

We will verify coverage with the insurance company either before or during your hospital stay. We will expect you to pay any amounts such as deductibles and other non-covered services that the insurance does not pay prior to discharge. Although we bill your insurance company, you are ultimately responsible for payment of services.

Any overpayments you make will be refunded after settlement with your insurance companies. We will request additional payments from you for any amounts of your bill that you or your insurance company has not paid.


Medicaid may pay for all of your charges except for personal convenience items depending on the type of coverage. Be sure we have a copy of your Medicaid card so that we may bill Medicaid directly. Assistance can be obtained at the hospital to help you apply for Medicaid.


Medicare may pay all or a portion of your Hospital charges. In order for us to bill Medicare directly, you must fill out and sign the proper forms to include the Medicare questionnaire, noting your Medicare recipient number. Medicare deductible amounts for inpatients are due at the time of discharge, unless you have a Medicare supplemental policy. We will bill your Medicare supplemental insurance policy or second insurance.

Private Pay

Patients without medical insurance coverage will be asked to prepay an estimated bill, or make other payment arrangements in advance, based on services to be rendered and the expected length of the hospital stay. Any unpaid balance will be due at the time of discharge.

Patients will be asked to pay for services either before or at the time of discharge. Payments may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

If you have questions about this information, please contact our Financial Counselor at 812/842-4240.