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Wellness Screening

Though the annual wellness screening is no longer required in order to have medical insurance with the Heart Hospital, it is required as part of the Wellness Incentive Program.  At the time of the screening, each participant will receive immediate results and counseling from a wellness professional. 
You will be asked to fast for 10 hours prior to your scheduled time of screening.  This will allow for more accurate results.  If 10 hours is not feasible, a minimum of 4 hours will still be beneficial.  (Fasting means nothing with calories; water, unsweet tea and black coffee are OK.)
To insure accuracy of blood test, drink plenty of water 24 hours prior to testing. 
The screening includes: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Risk Ratio, and Blood Glucose.
Should you be unable to make the onsite screening, you may turn in the results of your most recent visit and lab results from your primary care provider if it occurs after June 1, 2016. 
The Wellness Incentive Program is available to all employees with authorized hours of 20+ per week and their spouses who elect medical insurance with THH.  Each participant must complete a wellness screening to remain eligible for the Incentive Program. Screenings are not required to remain on the insurance.

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