Advanced, robot-assisted surgery is the latest surgicaloption, and Deaconesswas the first to bring this new technology to the 
Tri-State. The da Vinci system allows surgeons to use a minimally invasive approach, even when performingcomplex surgical procedures. For patients, this means less pain, less need for blood transfusions, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery.
For almost two years, Deaconess’ multidisciplinary review board has provided the first truly innovative model in the Tri-State
to diagnose and treat cancers. Our select team of highly trained cancer specialists meets once a week to review all referred
cases and develop a customized treatment plan for each patient. Benefits of our multidisciplinary review include:
o Less time between detection and treatment.
o Discussion of the team’s recommendations with the patient and family.
o Access to state-of–the-art treatments,including investigational therapies.
o Full reports back to referring physicians.

The MyChart electronic health record safely stores your medical information electronically. This offers many benefits:
o Automatic medication and allergy alerts enhance patient safety.
o Streamlined appointment scheduling, bill payment and more.
o Secure, easy access to your medical information any time your doctor needs it—in the office, the hospital or at home.
o The Deaconess EMR is “integrated,” which means each patient needs only one chart within the entire health system.
Deaconess has one of the most advanced clinical research programs in the region, offering patients access to today’s
promising new medicine and the latest treatment methods.Cancer research conducted at Deaconess ensures that your oncologists
are on the leading edge of medical science and technology. To find out more about cancer research currently underway, call the Research Info Line at 812-426-9737.