Deaconess Clinic
Deaconess Clinic's Medical Oncology/Hematology Department includes board-certified 
medical oncologists/hematologists, a urologic oncologist and a staff of specially trained professionals ready to meet your oncology needs. The department offers advanced techniques in cancer care and new treatments through in-house clinical research studies. Deaconess Clinic was the first to bring a urologic oncologist to the area and, in partnership with The Women’s Hospital, the first to bring a board-certified gynecologic oncologist to the community. You can learn more about these specialists in “The Latest Cancer Specialties”
section of this brochure. Services are offered at two conveniently located facilities:
4055 Gateway Boulevard, Newburgh • 812-858-3051
This east-side facility offers leading-edge technology and treatment options in an emotionally and spiritually healing environment, coordinating the entire spectrum of care. We combine medical oncology/hematology, infusion suites, ACR-accredited radiation oncology, urologic oncology and gynecologic oncology on one site to make our services as beneficial and convenient as possible.  Our modern equipment offers patients every treatment advantage in the fight against cancer. Our skilled and experienced professionals are with you every step of the way.
421 Chestnut Street, Evansville • 812-426-9411
Deaconess Clinic Downtown offers infusion services, laboratory services, intravenous iron, immunoglobulin infusion, antibiotic
treatments, dietary counseling and psychological care. In addition, the oncology department maintains a resource room of educational videotapes, articles, pamphlets andbooks. The entire staff—receptionists, technicians, nurses and physicians—
work as a team to provide a supportive, caring atmosphere.

520 Mary Street, Suite 140, Evansville • 812-424-1200
We understand that cancer is a frightening disease and want to provide you with all the compassion and information possible.
Fortunately, breast cancer survival rates are higher than ever, with many options for treatment available. Deaconess Breast Center
is a Breast Imaging Center of Exellence and has a highly educated and well-trained team that works together with you to design and deliver the best treatment plan for you.
We offer a variety of services, including:
o Breast ultrasounds
o Breast ultrasound-guided biopsies
o Osteoporosis screenings
o Screening and diagnostic mammography
o Stereotactic breast biopsies
o Surgical consultation
o Same-day appointments and results

700 N. Burkhardt Road, Evansville • 812-474-1110
Evansville Cancer Center, an ACRand HFAP-accredited cancer facility,is designed to offer individualized, comprehensive care for the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of cancer and cancer-related diseases.
Services include:
o Radiation therapy
o Diagnostic imaging
o Tumor registry
o Physics department
o Financial counselor
By offering an entire continuum of cancer care through Deaconess Cancer Services, our patients and their families enjoy convenient, local care and are comforted with the familiarity of staff throughout treatment.