Deaconess has long been one of the Midwest’s leading providers of complete,compassionate cancer services. With our advanced diagnostic equipment, Deaconess Cancer Services can detect cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable. Deaconess also offers state-of-the-art treatment options—including the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical system—to help patients realize successful cancer treatment. But we also understand that cancer services are more than complex technology and the latest medications. Cancer treatment is a holistic experience, involving the mind, body and spirit. From the calm, soothing atmosphere of the Chancellor Center for Oncology to our vast selection of educational and complementary services, Deaconess offers a wide variety of choices to help youthrough cancer diagnosis and treatment—physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Some of the Area’s Finest Cancer Specialists
Deaconess Cancer Services physicians are board certified and specially trained in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Their experience and skill are the key to successful cancer treatment, and their kindness and care help make the processas easy as possible. Our oncology-trained nursing staff have additional certifications that make them specialists in caring for patients with cancer, and you can trust them to always consider your specific needs while you are in their care.

Complete Cancer Care

Deaconess Cancer Services offers a complete range of cancer diagnosis and treatment options, including:
o Radiation therapy in partnership withTherapy Associates and Vantage Oncology
o Hormone therapy
o Chemotherapy/infusion therapy
o Tumor Registry
o Oncology rehabilitation
o Psychological support services
o Minimally invasive da Vinci robotically assisted surgery
o Surgical oncology
o Gynecologic oncology
o Urologic oncology
o Nurse navigator services