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Breath of Fresh Air: Smoking Cessation Program

Welcome to the Breath of Fresh Air Smoking Cessation program! Take a moment to browse the resources on this page. If you feel like you want to skip it all and start on the online program right away, go ahead and fill out the form to the right.

Here's what you'll see after filling out the form:

Step One:

We'll take a moment to ready you for the journey you are about to take. This means giving you access and pointing you to some resources that may help you get started and maintain a smoke-free life.

Step Two: 

We will take some time to think a bit about why you smoke, what your triggers are and how we can develop a strategy for each and every one of those scenarios. 

Step Three: 

Staying smoke-free over the long term means having access to resources that can help you stay smoke-free when you feel like lighting up. 

Step Four: Sign up today!

We will start off just once a week, then once a month, then every other month via email until you've been smoke-free for one year! 

Helpful Resources

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