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William R Smith, MD

Family Medicine, Wound Care

Deaconess Clinic Downtown
421 Chestnut St., Evansville, IN 47725

Deaconess Wound Services
350 W. Columbia Street, Evansville, IN 47710
About My Practice



Professional Interest

Geriatrics, chronic disease management: HTN, diabetes, and hypercholeterolemia, Life style modification for the prevention of disease.

Patient/Physician Philosophy

I believe in the concept of the Medical Home were my patients are at the center of the care and in collaboration with me and the care I provide for them. I believe in prevention of disease is better than cure. One final thought, my primary role as a family physician is education and guidance for my patient as they navigate the complexities of our current health care system.

Personal Interests

I personally enjoy the outdoors, and spending time with my wife. We Love to go to the movies, theater, and the symnphony. I love to tinker with electronics technology in my workshop at home and I am also an avid Kite Flyer!

Educational Resources

In patients with type 1 diabetes, do insulin pumps improve outcomes compared with self-injections?

Resources from: Evidence Based Practice, 2012 [203] The articles from the 2012 issues of Evidence Based Practice.


American Board of Family Medicine


Ross University School of Medicine, 2009


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2011


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Chief Resident, 2013