Oh Baby!

    Julia Baumeyer, Marketing and Communications Liaison, The Women’s Hospital 

    As a mom of young children, I look back to what was available during my pregnancies.  I was first pregnant in 2007 when smart phones were very new and pregnancy apps weren’t really around. I wanted information and updates with regard to my pregnancy,  so I signed up to receive weekly emails to find out what was going on with baby and me week-by-week. I was wearing several different hats in life at that time. I was a wife, a mom-to-be, and an employee at The Women’s Hospital. Our team had always sought out new ways to connect with moms and be a resource for them during their pregnancy.  Working at the hospital, I paid very close attention to the type of information I received in weekly updates and emails and thought that it would be nice to have our hospital connect with moms in that way.

    Eventually, we began to offer our own week-by-week pregnancy email similar to what is described above. This was of course before the age of apps. Over the past few years, our marketing and community engagement teams kept hearing from patients and employees that we needed our own pregnancy app. After a lot of thought and research, developing a pregnancy app became a priority for The Women’s Hospital.

    Our vision for this app was providing an expectant mom with a quick and easy way to find resources and information. With one touch of a button, she could research obstetricians or pediatricians accepting new patients, read articles from local trusted resources, track growth milestones for her and the baby, and journal key moments during her pregnancy. There would even be a way to monitor contractions and make a customized packing list for when it’s time to go to the hospital.

    We’re thrilled that our vision has finally become a reality. The Oh Baby! pregnancy app is officially live and available for download in both the Apple and Google Play stores. It has all of the capabilities mentioned above and more. Women can search through and register for upcoming classes and events directly from the app. They can also track their own health throughout pregnancy and schedule their pre-admission appointment.

    We encourage anyone who is pregnant or even considering becoming pregnant to download the app today. Because it is new, typing in “Oh Baby Deaconess” will bring it to the top of the search list. Thank you for allowing The Women’s Hospital to be a resource for you during every step of your pregnancy journey. 
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