Diabetes is an epidemic in our society and is expected to continue growing over the coming decades.   Diabetes, which is a disease related to high blood sugar, can lead to serious complications if not managed.  Learning about the condition, monitoring blood glucose, and having a healthy diet and activity level are key to keeping diabetes under control.  Diabetes specialists include endocrinologists, as well as diabetes educators.

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    Brandt Dodson, DPM
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Diabetes - Keeping Active
If you have diabetes you may think that only a lot of exercise is helpful. But that is not true. Increasing your daily activity by any amount can help improve your control of your blood sugar. Whether you are trying to lose weight, keep your heart healthy, or just want to feel better, there are a lot of ways to add more exercise to your day.
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Preventing Heart Attack and Stroke with Diabetes
People with diabetes have a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. High blood pressure and high cholesterol increase this risk even more. Controlling pressure and cholesterol are very important for preventing heart attacks and strokes.
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