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Joint Replacement Program

Deaconess is proud to offer a specially designed program for hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacements.  Through a multidisciplinary approach, the program helps patients recover quickly and return to a more active lifestyle. The Deaconess Joint Replacement Program is here to help you feel like yourself again.  Care is structured from the pre-operative phase through post-discharge. The Joint Replacement Program emphasizes patient education, motivation, and support throughout the recovery process.

"Before my surgery, just walking was a problem.  I had pain all the time.  Now I don't experience any pain.  I love my new knees, they've changed my life." - Nancy

If you suffer from knee or hip pain that limits your daily activities, contact Deaconess to find out how our Joint Replacement Program can help. Call 812-842-2722 for more information.

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