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Amputee Rehabilitation

Our Amputee Program is designed to help patients achieve their highest level of independence. We provide inpatient and outpatient services for pre-prosthetic and post-prosthetic patients.

Our Services

  •  A comprehensive initial assessment and individualized treatment plan
  •  Coordination of prosthetic services
  •  Full continuum of services including inpatient and outpatient management
  •  Pre-prosthesis services to facilitate wound healing, optimize skin care, and increase strength to allow a prosthesis at the earliest possible date
  •  Early intervention services to identify and treat issues associated with amputation, thereby minimizing medical complications
  •  Adaptive strategies, exercise therapy, range of motion activities, and functional mobility training
  •  Patient and family education about wound management, stump care and prosthesis maintenance
  •  Education on coping skills for dealing with loss of a limb
  •  Evaluation and assistance with ordering adaptive and medical equipment
  •  A multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialize in rehabilitation and prosthetics

Our Experts

Your physician-led health care team will depend on your individual needs. Team members may include:

  •  Physiatrist
  •  Family Medicine Physician
  •  Internal Medicine Physician
  •  Psychologist
  •  Prosthetist
  •  Physical Therapist
  •  Occupational Therapist
  •  Speech Therapist
  •  Rehabilitation Counselor
  •  Pharmacist
  •  Rehabilitation Nurse
  •  Case Manager
  •  Registered Dietitian

For more information, contact HealthSouth at 812/ 476-9983 or 800/ 677-3422.