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Concerns over the rising costs of health care have remained in the forefront of the business community for several years. In response to these concerns, Deaconess has developed a full line of managed care products directed at the needs of business and industry in the Tri-State. 

These products include:

Deaconess Health Plans
A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that contracts with numerous insurance payers and companies to offer discounted fees to participants

Deaconess COMP Center
A Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Program to provide treatment of work-related injuries, employment-related medical surveillance, screenings and expertise in the areas of occupational health and safety 

Deaconess Concern EAP
A confidential, employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program that addresses employees' counseling and training needs 

Deaconess LifeQuest
A Corporate Wellness Program that focuses on cost effective, high-quality services and includes assessment, education, intervention and ongoing evaluation 

Deaconess Executive Physicals
A program that includes comprehensive medical testing and counseling to ensure community and business leaders have healthy and productive futures 

Deaconess Mobile Breast Center 
Starting this winter, Deaconess offers the opportunity for our mobile breast center to come to your business and employees. Inquire about our services today. 


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