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Credentialed Surgeons

Introducing da Vinci® Robotic Surgery at Deaconess

da vinci surgery at deaconessSurgeons currently fully credentialed to use the da Vinci Surgical System at Deaconess . . .

Gynecologic Surgery

Leo Bonaventura, MD
Marcia Cave, MD
Thomas Hastetter, MD
Marshall G Howell III, MD
Gregory Mann, MD
Paul Morrison, MD
Richard M. Sandefur Jr, MD
Allen L Walker, MD
Charles L. Wakefield, DO


Urologic Surgery

Michelle A. Boger, MD
Phillip M. Gilson, MD
Todd D. Renschler, MD
Paul F. Siami, MD
Anvita Sinha, MD, FACS

Check Back Soon
Several other physicians have been trained and are completing the Deaconess credentialing criteria for full privileges. Intuitive Surgical is offering training to other surgeons that want to expand their clinical privileges to perform robotic-assisted surgery.

For more information about the da Vinci System, contact Chris Ryan, The Women's Hospital CEO, at 812/842-4222 or Lynn Lingafelter, Deaconess Hospital Director of Surgery, at 812/450-3796.