Using Hospitalists

Deaconess Care Group - Specializing in the Care of the Hospitalized Patient

A New Direction in the Care and Management of the Hospitalized Patient
  • Simplifies the admission of your patient for in-hospital treatment
  • Facilitates shorter, more efficient hospital stays
  • Frees you to concentrate on your office practice
  • Provides all information at discharge
By dedicating 100% of their practice to caring for the hospitalized patient, a Hospitalist is able to respond to new information and address new management issues as they arise. By restricting the focus of their practice to hospital medicine, they are able to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in inpatient medicine.

What are the benefits of utilizing the Deaconess Care Group?

In an effort to meet the needs of their patients more effectively, some primary care physicians elect to focus on their office practice and use the DCG's physicians to care for their patients who require hospitalization. The DCG provides a direct way for referring physicians to admit their patients for in-hospital treatment. Physicians using the DCG have found our service allows them to be more available to patients in their office practice.

What will the Deaconess Care Group do for my patients?

The Deaconess Care Group strives to establish diagnosis, treatment and care for your patients while providing you with a direct communication link to their case management. During hospitalization, an intensive approach is utilized by rounding on the patient more frequently. This close observance will accelerate their progress, maximize the quality of care and help avert any setbacks.

What information will I receive regarding my patient's hospitalization?

Pertinent patient information including diagnosis, medications, significant test results, consultations, discharge instruction and follow up plans are available through the Electronic Medical Record.  Physician-to-physician contact via telephone will be made as warranted.

How do I admit my patients to Deaconess Care Group?

To admit a patient, please call 1-812-450-2334 or toll free 1-800-467-4173 ext. 2334

A Deaconess Care Group physician will return your call promptly to discuss your patient. This will allow the patient and family to bypass the Emergency Department and be a direct admission.
Please fax or send all pertinent clinic notes with the patient when possible, if not available electronically. Fax 1-812-450-2193

More Information

If you would like more information on the Deaconess Care Group, please call the DCG office at 812-450-7338.