VNUS Closure

Closure for Your Patients

We have good news about varicose vein treatment. We now offer a new treatment for superficial venous reflux and its symptoms.

Our Commitment

At Deaconess Hospital, we are committed to offering the best in health care services. This means offering less invasive procedures with low risk, high success, and optimal patient comfort and satisfaction. For patients with superficial venous reflux, this means offering the Closure® procedure.

Getting Closure

The Closure procedure is a minimally invasive treatment that eliminates the painful recovery and cosmetic issues that accompany the traditional vein stripping surgery.

During the Closure procedure, the physician makes a single, small incision and seals the saphenous vein shut with radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Patients typically return to normal activity within one day. Best of all, once a defective saphenous vein is sealed shut or “occluded,” blood flow immediately diverts to healthy veins that have good valves, patient symptoms quickly improve, and cosmetic issues are minimal.

Catheter inserted

Vein warmed, collapses

Vein closes as catheter is slowly withdrawn

1. Catheter inserted

2. Vein warmed, collapses

3. Vein closes as
catheter is slowly


Clinical Success

Closure procedure technology received marketing clearance in the U.S. in March 1999. Thousands of Closure procedures have been performed worldwide, and the technology has been the subject of numerous clinical publications.

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