Expert Staff


Patients can be seen in this clinic upon referral from their physician.  Indiana law allows pharmacist to adjust a patient’s drug regimen under protocol and Deaconess ensures that all pharmacist are well-qualified before working in this clinic setting. 

All of our pharmacists have additional internal training before working in the Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Clinic.  They have completed additional training above and beyond the typical pharmacist by completing a Pharmacy Post-graduate Year One Residency, obtaining national Board Certification as a Pharmacotherapy Specialist, completing an MTM Certificate Program, and/or experience providing these services for patients. 

Medical Director

All care in the MTM Clinic is performed under the direction of the medical direct, Dr. Fred Wallisch.  All protocols used in the clinic are approved by the Medication Review Board which includes Dr. Wallisch, a nurse liaison, and a pharmacist.  Dr. Wallisch is also available for emergency consultative services if the referring physician cannot be reached.

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