Up & Movin' Program

Get Your Patients Up & Movin'!

  • Maintain your patients’ strength
  • Lower your patients’ risk of weakness, debility, decreased endurance and extremity stiffness
  • Assist in meeting length-of-stay target
  • Decrease co-morbidities

The Up & Movin’ team consists of individuals specially trained to provide:

  • Basic active and passive range of motion exercises
  • Deep breathing exercise
  • Ambulation

Examples of patients considered appropriate for this program would require minimal or less assistance to stand, have an increased risk of weakness or fatigue and are developing decreased stamina or extremity stiffness. The Mobility Specialists will report client status changes to nursing or therapy staff. They will also communicate with nursing, therapy and lift team as needed to coordinate the patient’s activity schedule.

Available at Deaconess Gateway Hospital and at Deaconess Hospital.  You can order the Up & Movin’ program through Invision. For more information, call 812/450-3393.

Up & Movin’ Rx = Preventive and Maintenance
Therapy Rx = Corrective
Order the Up & Movin’ program for your patients!