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Physical/Occupational Therapy

We offer inpatient and outpatient therapy with a physician referral. Learn more about our specialized treatment programs and state-of-the-are equipment and resources below.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Lymphedema Program - For treatment of upper extremity lymphedema associated with surgery or radiation used to treat breast cancer. Our specially trained therapists can design a treatment plan for your patient that may include:
  • Specifically developed methods of massage-like techniques designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation.
  • Compression bandaging of the arm using special low-stretch elastic wraps.
  • Exercises to restore lost strength and flexibility of the affected arm.
  • Aerobic activity to facilitate increased venous and lymphatic return.
  • Pneumatic compression pumping of the arm for more severe cases.
Burn Program - Our experienced therapists help burn patients manage scar tissue with exercise, stretching, compression garments, whirlpool treatments and more.

Vestibular Disorders Program - Deaconess therapists have received specialized training in the treatment of complex balance disorders.

State-of-the-art Equipment and Resources

Balance Master -  State-of-the-art equipment used in the treatment of vestibular disorders. Allows objective evaluation, interactive treatment, and accurate progress and outcome measurements of movement and balance.

Independence Mall - An area in the hospital modified to simulate work, community and home settings. A grocery store and automobile are among the teaching tools included in this area.

Iontophoresis - Transdermal application of pain medication without the side effects of injected analgesics.

Cybex Exercise Unit - A computerized isokinetic unit which tests and exercises all joints of the body, except the back and neck, allowing accurate monitoring of strength and rehabilitation progress.

Aquatic Therapy - For patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, arthritis, back pain and more. Deaconess provides a full-size, indoor, heated pool ideally suited to the rehabilitation needs of our patients.

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